Sunday, August 9, 2020

A Local History Resource

This site will combine listings of past and current history organizations in the region which has become known as Silicon Valley, focusing primarily on organizations in the Santa Clara Valley. 

New Almaden Quicksilver Mine - Wikipedia Commons

My goal is to aid those seeking information on our local history, our Valley founders, our past and current historians and historic organizations, as well as provide a calendar for many of our local history events.

To achieve that historic purpose, I hope to list both existing and extinct organizations on this site, as well as the names and profiles on the founders of historic organizations, when available. 

In my experience, the profiles of founders often uncovers deep roots of connection in our historic past, expanding the stories of our heritage into a collection of deeply personal narratives.

Countess Dandidni of Ashworth-Remillard Bricks - Mercury News

Many thanks to Santa Clara City Library Genealogy and Local History librarian, Mary Hanel; to historian and author April Halberstadt; to the California Pioneers of Santa Clara County (newsletter editor Gayle Frank and the California Pioneers of Santa Clara County Film Archives digitization team), to the History San Jose' staff, to Kitty Monahan of the New Almaden Quicksilver County Park Association (and to the good people of New Almaden), to Sue Cuccuza, leading light for the restoration of the Ashworth-Remillard House, as well as the many volunteers who have worked diligently to keep our heritage sites, Web sites, history newsletters and historic events, viable for each successive generation. 

A special acknowledgement to those working to post historic information online and continue to engage site visitors during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Thank you all for your dedication, passion, public service and commitment. Please support organizations who are working to keep our history public and viable, during this shut down.

This site is dedicated to the memory of Theron Fox and Clyde Arbuckle, whose history classes and bus trips to historic sites, brought such joy to so many students of local history.

Clyde Arbuckle - History San Jose Biography

---Catherine Alexander Bright,